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Livin’ is the latest full album release from Sean Curtis.  A collection of 8 original songs written by Sean Curtis and a version of “Cast No Stones” written by Cody Jinks. Have a listen on our Music page and find links to your favorite streaming services and online music retailers.

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We’re heading to the studio!

Plans for our next album are underway. Sean Curtis and his band will be heading to the recording studio at Colorado Sound Studios this summer to...

Welcome to the New Website

A new way to experience Sean Curtis and the band. We've been working on this new unique website experience for you, the fans, over the last couple...

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She’s my huntin buddy. “Dress like dad or mom day” at school. She’ll never know how much such a little gesture means to me! 🥲#daddysanddaughters #wyoming #imnotcryingyourecrying #daughters #passitdown ...

#ElkSeason in #Wyoming
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Rabbits beware! She’s a dead eye! #wyoming #huntress #deadeye #futureofhunting ...

This guy was laying in such a cool spot. It was like a shrine for the bedding area of hundreds of elk. This bench was holding so many bulls this last week. It’s like they were dancing around this deadhead under the full moon and torching off all night! These bulls were talking the entire time we were there but man were they cagey. We threw the kitchen sink at them and just couldn’t reel them in with the exception of two young bulls that never presented a shot opportunity.
Ultimately, this archery season, though finished for me, was probably my biggest mental download of elk and their behavior. I learned more this year than any prior year that I can remember! Two new ranges a new 1st choice draw and stellar (puts it lightly) Gen area! Now to pick up the rifle (not my preferred method) and get it taken care of.
Side note - one of the highlights was calling in (twice) three fellas from @gohunt and towing them behind us for a couple miles 😂. They were a pleasure to chat with. Genuine dudes out doing the same thing I was on general public ground. I wish we both had better luck but ended up in the same boat, with a beer and a full quiver.
#elk #wyoming #archery #publicland #diy #hikeoutheavy #killswitchoutdoors

It really doesn’t get better except when the arrow flies. #elk #huntersofinstagram #wyoming #solo #bullelk ...