“If you sing about it, you better damn well live it…”

…words rooted deeply in the music and country life of Sean Curtis. Emerging as a solo artist in 2010 from Cheyenne, Wyoming, Sean has a knack for telling honest, authentic stories in his songwriting. As an independent artist forging his way onto the country music scene, he distinguished himself from the pack with his songwriting and a signature style that broke the mold of regionally acclaimed country music.

Joining forces with some of the best players in the region, Sean Curtis and his band took home the Rocky Mountain Country Music Association (RMCMA) Entertainer of the Year and Album of the Year awards in 2016.

Sean and the band have toured the region extensively, delivering their high-energy live show to more than 10 states and 1,000’s of people along the way. Sometimes as an artist, it’s hard to distinguish yourself from the herd. But with his music in it’s raw, relatable, down-to-earth style, Sean has built unique relationships with his fans through a voice that is truly his own. Before the words even start… you know it’s a Sean Curtis song.

The Band