We’re heading to the studio!

May 15, 2020

Plans for our next album are underway.

Sean Curtis and his band will be heading to the recording studio at Colorado Sound Studios this summer to begin recording the, as yet untitled, follow up to their self-produced 2018 album, Livin’.

They’re teaming up with the talented and experienced Tom Capek (producer) and Don Bearie (engineer) to bring a new level of production to this project. Tom and Don bring an important outside voice to the production along with an ability to push everyone to bring their best performance to the table.

New and old faces in the band combined with the raw, down-to-earth storytelling Sean Curtis fans know and love have ignited an evolution in the group’s sound that they plan to capture on this new album.

Rather than wait for the album’s anticipated completion in 2021, Sean is taking a different approach with this record. Fans can look forward to upcoming singles released as the album production progresses throughout 2020.

Follow along here in the News & Updates for future installments of the “In the Studio” series where you’ll meet the individual members of the band, get a behind the scenes look into the production of their upcoming album, the stories behind the songs and an exclusive sneak peek at the tracks before their release.